Isobel Waller-Bridge, 12 ensemble

VIII: Vinyl LP


Release date: 25 November, 2022

VIII is a bold and gripping work of sonic intensity by critically-acclaimed composer-performer Isobel Waller-Bridge. Written for string ensemble, the eight tracks – conceived as compact miniatures – experiment with innovative string techniques and sounds.

Highly in-demand and respected for her film, television and theatre scores (Black Mirror, Fleabag, Emma, Munich – The Edge Of War), Isobel ventures into new territory with this solo project, creating an expressive and daring artistic statement which explores the co-existence and revealing of multiple selves. The EP is recorded by pioneering un-conducted string orchestra 12 Ensemble.

'There is nothing in this music that is aiming to please. (Which is an important part of it). The pieces are odd in their style and lengths. They don’t dwell in one place for too long. They swing from tonality to atonality - there is violence to that. In their brevity, they ask for focus from the listener, rather than reflection. I wrote this music to let my inside out.’

1. Daylight     
2. Haiku     
3. For A Moment     
4. An Odd Interlude     
5. My Brain Distorts Again     
6. An Exercise In Restraint (Until You Go)     
7. Trace     
8. Song For A

Vinyl LP
Mercury KX