Sophie Hutchings

Scattered On The Wind CD


Release date: 17 April, 2020

Scattered On The Wind is the spellbinding new album from Australiam musician Sophie Hutchings. A blend of revamped archival compositions, stored away on a cherished hard drive, and newer, original pieces written expressly for this record, it was recorded at Sydney’s Trackdown Studios. A decade on from her debut, with a growing, global fan base, Hutchings is no longer the introverted pianist of her teenhood. “I pour so much emotional energy into my music; I think that’s why I was so desperately shy about performing it when I was a teen. But I have confidence in my vision now – partly through experience, and partly through the relationship I have with my audience. They’ve taught me to trust and believe in what I’m doing.”

1    Scattered on the Wind Part I     
2    Scattered on the Wind Part II     
3    Your Heart     
4    Orange Glow     
5    Surrender to the Deepest Blue     
6    A Small Kind of Revival     
7    Cold Front     
8    A Secret     
9    Two Flames     
10    Rain of Feathers     
11    The Last Sigh

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