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Release date: 13 May, 2022

Modern classical composer and pianist Lambert returns to his piano roots with a new slow-tempo, atmospheric album of piano-led tracks. Introspective and beautifully sparse, this 15-track album invites you into a lo-fi, chill trance with downtempo solo piano music and ambient electronics. Released on modern classical cross-genre label Mercury KX.

‘Mesmeric and enticing’ – Clash
‘Easy to get lost in’ – Uncut"

1    The Open     
2    I've Never been to China     
3    Time Out     
4    Slowland     
5    Ghosthouse     
6    The Bar is Closed     
7    What's the hurry     
8    Silver Lining     
9    Le petit interlude     
10    Do not rest!     
11    The View     
12    There is nothing I can do     
13    Nobody travelling     
14    Edgy     
15    Be Quiet

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Mercury KX