tstewart, Machinedrum

elysian: Vinyl LP


Release date: 15 April, 2022

Elysian Park is a slice of unaffected paradise found in downtown Los Angeles. Home to countless birds and (what feels like) infinite layers of greenery, the park plays the role of muse for tstewart’s 16 track album, elysian. With each track named after his favourite nooks of the elysian, tstewart likens his crescendos to the grand, never-ending steps found just before the park. As the new project from tstewart (aka Machindrum), the artist whose credits include Azealia Banks and A$AP FERG, he has signed to Mercury KX with a diverse, piano-led sound that juxtaposes his previous glitchy, pop-fused work.

1. Elysian Opening
2. Elysian Walk, Pt. 1
3. Angels Point
4. Isle of the Blest
5. Airstream
6. Baxter Climb
7. Elysian Walk, Pt. 2
8. Flow Away
9. Buena
10. Cumulus
11. Feel Who You Are
12. Josephine
13. Taro Root
14. Solstice
15. Aeon
16. Elysian Closing

Vinyl LP
Mercury Classics