Jeremiah Fraites

Northern (Redux): Vinyl LP


Release date: 27 October, 2023

Jeremiah Fraites’ album “Northern (Redux)” is a complete Reimagining Of Taylor Deupree's 2006 Album “Northern”. 
“Constructing this album was unlike anything I've ever done before, I was traveling a lot while working on this record, so I’ve listened to this music on car rides and flights, in Australia, Asia, South Africa, Singapore, and it could bring tears to my eyes or give me goosebumps all over my body. I really feel like we've created something very cool.” Jeremiah Fraites

“I always equate my music to walking across a frozen lake, you're never quite sure how thick the ice is, so there's a tension between beauty and fragility. Jeremiah and I are riding the line of that uneasiness. It's not easy music, nor is it difficult music. It's somewhere in between, and I think that complexity is where the interest lies.” Taylor Deupree

Side A 

1. Everything’s Gone Grey (Redux) 
2. Northern (Redux) 3. A Dead Yellow Carpet (Redux) 

Side B
4. Shell Shell Bye (Redux) 
5. Haze it May Be (Redux) 
6. November (Redux) 

Vinyl LP
Mercury KX