Federico Albanese

Before and Now Seems Infinite: Vinyl LP


Release date: 25 February, 2022

Before and Now Seems Infinite Gatefold LP

Following two stunning EP’s earlier this year, Federico Albanese now releases his debut album on MercuryKX. Featuring collaborations with Marika Hackman and Ghostpoet, the project centres itself around memory: “ We have the power to change the way we recollect moments of our lives. I like the idea of being able to craft my own memory the way I wanted to remember it. Music is the vehicle I use to find these moments, hold them in time. It allows me to remember something from a very special perspective, creating different possibilities” - Federico Albanese.

1. The Vine     
2. Was There A Time     
3. The Quiet Man     
4. We Hold The Moonlight     
5. Teodora and Her Mysteries     
6. Summerside     
7. March     
8. Sand and Castles     
9. Unicorn     
10. Feel Again     
11. Before And Now

Vinyl LP
Mercury Classics